SMS Opt-In Workflow Documentation for Teehall Store

Date: 2024/06/24

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The purpose of this document is to demonstrate the opt-in workflow for Teehall store to comply with Twilio’s toll-free verification requirements. This document outlines the steps through which users provide explicit consent to receive SMS messages from our service.

Opt-In Workflow Description

Step 1: User Consent
Description: Users provide their phone number during checkout and explicitly agree to receive messages by checking a consent box.


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    step 1

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  1. Users are required to enter their phone number and tick a checkbox to indicate their consent to receive SMS messages.
  2. The checkbox text should clearly state that by ticking, the user consents to receive marketing messages.

Step 2: Confirmation Message
Description: After completing the checkout, users receive a confirmation message asking them to reply with a keyword (e.g., “YES”) to confirm their subscription.

Message Text: “Thank you for receiving SMS to Teehall Store! Please reply with “YES” to confirm your subscription.”


  1. The confirmation message clearly asks the user to confirm their subscription by replying with “YES”.
  2. This step ensures that the user intentionally opts in to receive messages.

Step 3: Final Confirmation
Description: Upon receiving the keyword reply, users are sent a final confirmation message indicating their subscription is active.

Message Text:You have successfully subscribed to Teehall Store alerts. You will receive updates at this number.”


  1. The final confirmation message reassures the user that their subscription is now active.
  2. This message includes information on how to revoke consent if needed.